Top five picks of 2000’s animated movies

My top 5 2000s animated films


1. Spirited Away

Spirited Away was created in 2001 by This movie is my number one favorite. It’s my number one because of the story. It’s scary and sweet at the same time. The moral of this story is to treasure everyone in your family. Don’t be greedy, and if you truly love someone, you’ll do anything to save them.



WALL-E was created in 2008 by Pixar. It was a good story because it shows how important every little thing can be. After all, a little robot that recycled garbage saved the entire planet Earth. It’s important to me because I watched it all the time with my biological cousins when they were younger.


3. Up

Up. One of the saddest Disney movies. They say this movie makes most people cry within the first five minutes. The love story is so touching at the beginning. This is a favorite because there’s so much hidden symbolism behind the story. You can only really see it if you’re paying close attention to the story and the details.


4. Moana

Created in 2016 by Disney, Moana is definitely a favorite, but not as much as Up. It shows that it’s easy for you to forget who you are, especially if you try and put others first so often that you forget what you’re meant to do in your own life.


5. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. was created in 2001 by Disney and Pixar. This is another favorite of mine, and this is because of my older brother. He’s a music major in college, and I used to watch this all the time with him. Since he’s a music major, he appreciates the beginning music of the movie more than he used to. The movie is really good overall, with the storyline, characters, and how the characters are portrayed by their voice actors. The movie reminds me of how important staying true to yourself is, along with having faith in those around you that you trust.

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