Try these home remedies to aid seasonal illnesses

In 2020 on top of COVID-19 we still have to deal with flu season and other illnesses. However, lots of medications are hard to get or really heavy restrictions so here are a few home remedies that you can try instead. Remember medications are often addictive so trying natural remedies first can and will lead to a better result most of the time. However, if your condition is very serious please see your doctor. These are only meant as a way to lessen drug intake. 

Lots of new siblings were born this year due to a lack of being able to head out. And with babies come upset stomachs and lots of crying. A simple home remedy to help calm these spells is as follows. Take a baby bottle and fill it with hot but not boiling water, add a few peppermint candies or extract and let it mix. Once it cools to room temperature give it to the baby. Only do about a half bottle otherwise the child will get fussy again. The solution has antibacterial properties that numb and calm the baby’s stomach. However, if the child is throwing up see a physician before trying this method as it is used for gas and other tummy aches. 

As the year comes to an end (thank the gods) it is also getting colder. These means sore throats and runny noses. However, medicine is hard to come by and it’s still dangerous to go out for many people. So here are a few remedies for cold symptoms. 

For a sore throat make some peppermint tea add honey and follow with a cough drop. The peppermint has, as stated earlier, a numbing effect and will help with any soreness. The heat will help activate its properties and the cough drop with help soothe any leftover irritation. However, if this doesn’t help or you have lumps on the side of your throat see a doctor.

For a runny nose, an old trick Nona’s swear by is eating really spicy soup. The heat and steam act as a humidifier and the spices make you sweat and your nose run. This makes it stop faster due to all of the bacteria being forced out. If this doesn’t work try flonase or other medications.

For a heavy cough or sinus congestion, there is a simple trick. Go to the shower, run it hot and wait. Once it’s to where you can tolerate stepping in, let the water hit you square in the chest and back. Stay there until you feel the tension loosen and cough or blow your nose hard. This should loosen and help remove any phlegm or mucus obstructing your airway. If this doesn’t help try a humidifier or hot tea. 

As you probably know this whole year has been a headache but sadly aspirin won’t cure 2020, and for some people it won’t cure their headaches either. If you have chronic or often migraines most medicines hardly work after a while so here are some alternatives that do work. 

Drink water. Seriously most headaches are caused by dehydration. To help this drink water regularly. If you feel hot in the head try laying down in a dark quiet room. Take a cold damp washcloth and lay it on your forehead and eyes. This should reduce tension and dampen the irritation. Now if the headaches persist or get worse see a doctor as it could be serious. 

And finally the home remedy we all need. To cure 2020itis simply wrap up in a blanket, watch puppy videos, eat some holiday treats and remember that life can only get better. 

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