How to avoid mask related glasses issues

Due to the pandemic masks are now required almost everywhere. While this is for safety measures it does not make it any more comfortable. Most masks are hung by your ears and for fellow glasses wearers this means that there will now be two pieces of discomfort sitting on top of your ears. With the discomfort also comes foggy glasses with every breath. How can we improve this situation? Four fellow students from Cedar Falls High School share some tips as they wear glasses and masks everyday. Below is a picture of each student with their piece of advice. 



Ashlyn Keve says, “Try your best to keep your mask as high up on your nose as possible.”







Molly Bailey says, “Purchase masks that have a wire on the top. It will help easily bend the mask and keep it secure.”






Olivia Runkle says, “If you wash your glasses with dish soap, that helps. Also you should try to breathe like Darth Vador.”





Luna Durnin says, “Make sure to have your glasses on top of your mask and if there is loose space just make sure it’s not at the top.”



Some other things you could do are purchase anti-fog cleansers. Wash your glasses with detergent or scrub toothpaste on them. You could even try putting tape on the top of the glasses to help keep the mask in place. Overall having glasses and wearing a mask will be a uncomfortable challenge, but hopefully these tips and tricks will help make the battle a little bit easier. 

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