Students reflect on the importance of Martin Luther King Jr day


January 18 is a day of celebration. This day celebrates the wonderful life and achievements of an influential American civil rights leader. This person is most well-known for his campaigns to end racial segregation and fight for racial equality in the United States. This federal holiday is the marking of the birthday of MLK. Martin Luther King Jr. Day means something not just to each person, but to our history. King’s words are powerful and helped lead humanity to a brighter future. Senior high school student tells what MLK means to her. 


Holly Corbett says, ““So, Martin Luther King Jr. Day to me means that people have the right to equality and the right to have a voice in society as equals. People should always stand up for their rights.” 


This holiday was signed into law in 1983. At first some states resisted, but it was officially recognized by all 50 states in 2000. The holiday will continue to thrive in the hearts and minds of people for years to come. 


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