Students react to police brutality in the midwest

The recent events of Daunte Wright grew into an incredibly controversial topic throughout America. Some may argue that there is no way a police officer of 26 years can misplace a taser for a gun. “Tasers look and feel different from pistols in a number of ways, and most police forces — including Brooklyn Center’s — have standard precautions and protocols in place to prevent the sort of mix-up that can be deadly,” said The New York Times. 

Sophomore Bella Mabon said that the deaths are horrible and that as a country, we are learning nothing from these atrocities. “A lot of people aren’t learning anything, it keeps happening over and over,” Mabon said. 

Mabon said that she thinks the police force as a whole works for a corrupted system. “Over time, I’ve grown scared of police. I know they’re there to protect you, but I am weary of them,” she said. 

Mabon said police should go through annual training, regardless of their seniority within the workforce. “The government needs to take more steps towards performative actions,” she said. 

Although there has been a wide media coverage regarding the many shootings, Mabon said she thinks there will still be more. “A lot of the attacks are racially biased, in my opinion, which I think is extremely sad,” Mabon said. 

Trying to stay positive through all of the recent tragedies, Mabon expressed her emotions regarding her own community. “I hope nothing similar like this happens in our town, but Waterloo and Cedar Falls cops are known to be racist, it has to be said,” Mabon said. 

Hoping for a brighter future, Mabon said she hopes the victims’ families get the justice they need and deserve. “I don’t care if tasers don’t work the alleged 30 percent of the time, you don’t shoot innocent people. You always try and tase them first,” she said. 

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