Students look forward to Sturgis Falls celebration

Sturgis Falls was cancelled last year due to COVID, but this year it is returning from Friday, June 25 to Sunday, June 27. Currently there are no specified restrictions but as the event gets closer, some COVID rules may be put into place. 

Many people are very ready to get back into their traditions. 

I will be going to Sturgis Falls this year,” sophomore Carter Guse said. “It’s always a fun time. This year I am fortunate enough to be playing in Sturgis. I am also participating in the Bill Riley contest this year. As far as COVID guidelines are concerned, I’m fully vaccinated but will do whatever the CDC suggests.” 

For the Bill Riley talent show, the acts that unfortunately missed the opportunity to perform last year gained an automatic spot in performing this year if that is what they so desired. 

Sturgis has many fun events that everybody looks forward to and misses.  

Peet freshman Kate Galyen is “definitely [anticipating] the smoothies at the farmers market, as well as just the farmer’s market in general. It’s super fun to walk around with your family or friends and see all the different kinds of shops that go on there.” 

This will be the 43rd annual year of the Sturgis Falls celebration, and a lot of people in Cedar Falls have been around for the whole thing and greatly missed it last year. 

“It’s always a good time, and it’ll be great to get back into traditions,” junior Ahmad Madlock said.  

“My family’s gone every year since I can remember,” Peet freshman Maddy Stoakes said. “It’s always super super fun.”

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