Trinity youth group enjoys homecoming together

The youth ministry students at the local Trinity Bible Church made a statement when they threw their own homecoming after it was canceled because of COVID in 2020. This year, homecoming was back on, taking place at Orchard Hill Church on Oct. 9. Mosaic, the name of the youth group, came through with showing up together. 

Cassidy Craig, a senior, has been attending Trinity and Mosaic since the beginning of her junior year and has started serving on the welcoming team at Mosaic. “Homecoming was a lot of fun. I think it was just full of laughter, dancing and fun. Before homecoming, the girls in our group went over to one house and got ready together. We shared makeup, dresses and just helped each other with everything. I think some of the guys got ready together at a different house, too, but I’m not for sure. After getting ready, we all took pictures at Southdale and ‘played’ on the playground while doing so. That was a lot of fun. Then we went out to eat at Applebees (chicken strips were the common theme for dinner) and following that, we headed to the dance. Then, after a while at the dance, we decided to go back to someone’s house and chill there. We played Jackbox Games and ate a lot (I mean a lot) of fruit snacks. My favorite part of homecoming was getting to spend time with my friends and just getting to have fun overall.”

Molly Bailey, a sophomore, is on her fourth year attending Trinity and is involved with the youth group hosting and worship teams. “Homecoming was my first school dance, and I’d say overall it was a good experience. There were a few bumps in the road, but, overall, I enjoyed it,” she said. 

Hogan Fuessel, a junior, started attending Trinity around five years ago, involving himself in leadership programs as they went on. “I would say Cedar Falls homecoming was overall good, although I believe a few things could have been improved upon. While I acknowledge the misuse of water bottles at previous events, I would’ve appreciated some drinks being provided as it was incredibly hot in the gym. I think the lack of slow songs was disappointing as well. I would have appreciated at least two or three,” Fuessel said, “My favorite part was probably the dance. It was fun and overall a good time. While I can’t point to anything in particular, the dance was the most memorable part, and I enjoyed it overall.”

Conner Sigmund is a senior at Hudson High School and was attending the dance with his Cedar Falls friends. He’s been attending Trinity for 4.5 years, serving on the worship team as a drummer. “Homecoming was pretty good, a little chaotic, but we each hung with our own group,” Sigmund said. “My favorite part of hoco was eating food with the fam and hanging out in general.”

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