Cheerleaders place at State in multiple events

Two weekends ago, Cedar Falls cheer team competed at State. The stunt team placed 4th in the 4A category, and the loyalty routine tied for 2nd. 

The team regularly performed at football games this season for the high school, and on the weekend of Nov. 6-7, went to state cheer in Des Moines. Zoe Hadley, a freshman at Peet, is on the team and said that the stunt team consists of five people—a flyer, two bases, one back and a front. They have music and do as many stunts as they can in one minute. 

“For State,” Hadley said, “there were a lot of good teams and they did amazing.” 

She said Cedar Falls also put in an online submission of loyalty for State. “All of the sideline cheerleaders performed with formations and motions to loyalty, which is normally performed at football games. In this, CFHS tied for second, which is amazing because last year we did not place.”

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