League of Legends story grows with addition of Arcane

For nearly 12 years, fans of the hit MOBA game, League of Legends, have been drawn into the world Riot Games have made. Finally, after beautiful music videos and wonderful short stories, Riot has decided to take on the big screen with their newest addition to the story of League of Legends, Arcane

Arcane takes place in the fictional cities of Piltover and Zaun, pushing forward the narrative of its characters: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Jayce, Viktor and Ekko, and the world of Runeterra. Arcane tells the story of the two sisters Jinx and Vi, the tragedy that separated them and the conflict between the two cities. The show delivers themes of loss, trauma and what it means to be family. The show is animated by Fortiche Production who have done previous works for Riot Games, Gorillaz and Marvel. 

Arcane is directed by Ash Brannon who has worked on hit films such as Toy Story 1 and 2 and features an amazing soundtrack from artists such as Imagine Dragons, Bea Miller and Ramsey. 

Arcane has big expectations, and for good reason. League of Legends has some of the best lore of any video game. With its expansive world and lovable characters, there really is nothing like League of Legends lore, and Arcane ties right into it.

The show is being released in three three-episode “acts” exclusively on Netflix. Each act is released on different days: act one Nov. 6, act two Nov. 13 and act 3 Nov. 30.

If you like science fantasy, drama and adventure all packed into one gritty story, give Arcane a watch and experience the world of League of Legends.

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