Peet students exploring career options

As students make plans for careers, they are following in a variety of footsteps. Some want to take after their parents or grandparents, while others take after a celebrity figure. Some are even inspired by objects or animals.

Peet freshman Gracie Smith wants to open her own bakery in Canada. She takes after her mother, Elizabeth Ackerson, who runs a cosmetology business called Splendoré. “I’ve always loved baking and cooking, and my mom being successful in her own business inspires me to open my own,” she said. 

Another Peet freshman Cali Piper wants to be a veterinarian. She said, “Well, growing up, animals were always there for me. They had always been there, and I cared deeply for them, so I wanna help them like they helped me.” 

Peet freshman Olivia Carter is inspired by the world around her. Carter wants to go into politics and eventually become president. She said, “I just want to make a good difference in the world.” After seeing some of the hardships the world has faced, Carter said she only wants the world to be a better place.

Peet Junior High counselor Rebecca Lins said there’s plenty of time for junior high students to zero in on career aspirations. “I would say the main struggles are either feeling the pressure of thinking they have to choose something right now, when really we just want students to make connections between their current interests and passions to future career possibilities.” 

Lins recommends not getting too stressed over it and the best thing for students to do is just to focus on what interests them.

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