Cedar Falls family launches Iowa’s first miso company

A new company has started called IowaMiso, and it’s Iowa’s first miso company. 

Miso is a fermented soybean paste with rice and salt. It is aged in a food-safe container for a period of time (usually one year or more).  

It is a savory paste that can be used to season dishes and make soup. The flavor changes depending on how it is made, where it is kept and how old it is.  

“Younger miso is sweeter, while the aged miso gets progressively robust, tangy and complex,” Reinier Hesselink, the president of the IowaMiso, said. 

Along with adding flavor, miso can also give many health benefits. “It can reduce the chance of breast cancer, lower blood pressure, give probiotics and is good for digestive health,” Tomie Hesselink, the owner of the company said.

IowaMiso sells three different types of miso along with miso nuts, miso granola and miso balls.

“Amber miso, ruby miso and gold miso are the different types of miso we sell. Amber is the youngest miso that we sell and has a light brown color. Ruby is aged for two years has obtained a darker color and has a deeper flavor and Gold is aged for three years and has obtained a very dark color with a complex flavor,” Tomie said.  

The miso balls are ready to use soup balls where the user only has to pour hot water on them to create miso soup. Miso nuts and miso granola can be only bought through special order at the IowaMiso.com website or by emailing the company using the email IowaMiso@gmail.com.

The company struggled for years to get its license to sell its miso. “It took five years to get the license to sell the miso because it was new and never done in Iowa before,” Reinier said.  

IowaMiso can be bought at Cedar Falls Hansen’s Dairy and also Carter House Market and Cafe, as well as in New Pioneer Coop in Cedar Rapids, Coralville and Iowa City.

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