What’s a Halloween highlight that you can share from back in the day?

Senior Truman Posey

The senior had a hot cocoa and candy stand out for everyone in his neighborhood. “At one point, we gave some candy to these adorable little kids, but they kept trying to come back in line even though they already had some. In the end, to make them go away, I ended up giving them a little extra.”


Junior Luke Sulentic

The junior went trick or treating for about three hours with a friend. “When we got home, we poured all the candy on the floor and sorted it, and we traded the candy we got until we were both happy with what we had.”


Senior Koro Castillo

Dressed up as a Disney princess, he was Cinderella, her friend was Sleeping Beauty and they went to dance class together. “Everyone told us we were cute and very put together. I had fun with my friends.”


Senior Alice Zhang

I used to go trick or treating with her brother up till six years ago.“I remember sorting out our candy ever so carefully. It was so beautiful.”


Senior Malina Amjadi

“My favorite Halloween memory was when my older brother was a knight and I was a princess. He was a lot older than me, and so we did not have many years where we were both trick-or-treating at the same time, so it was kind of like the only Halloween that we got to spend together. He grew out of it years before I did, and so it was just a nice memory.”


Senior Kelsey Hoeppner

“My favorite Halloween memory is when I went trick or treating with family We dressed up as hunters and went around our neighborhood.”


Senior Reese Devenney

“I walked around the rich neighborhood and got lots of full-sized candy bars, and I dressed as Mario when I was 7 years old.”

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