What’s your favorite gaming platform?

Senior KD Waltz: Xbox

“I had some friends that played the PS4, but I never really got into it. My first interaction with video games was the Xbox, so I personally enjoy it more.”


Senior Bugsy Davidson: Xbox

“I like playing Xbox because it’s affordable compared to others.”


Sophomore Adrian Lloyd: Xbox 

“I prefer playing the Xbox because it runs more smoothly.”


Senior Eli Flikkema: PC

“I like playing PC, it’s easier to play strategy games.”


Senior Yonas Bursch: PC

“PC provides more game options than any of the other systems.”


Senior Jack Jarchow: PC

“I already had one, so it was convenient.”


Sophomore Brady Ramsden’meier: Switch

“I like playing the Switch because I’ve never really branched out before.”


Sophomore Caden Beland: Cell Phone 

“It’s easier to play on the go with my phone.”


Sophomore Keira Ellerbroek: Playstation 4 

“The controls are easier than Xbox.”

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