Peet BSU expands to become Culture Club

Peet Junior High has recently changed their Black Student Union into a culture club. Culture club is a club that teaches different cultures around the world to students who join. 

“We started off the school year continuing the Black Student Union, which we created at the end of last school year. As students joined BSU, we realized that students had a lot of interest in learning about many different races and cultures, all over the world. Due to that interest, we decided to switch BSU to Culture Club, with the hope to have an actual BSU at Peet in the future,” culture club leader Shantel Kahrs said. 

Students have a fun time learning about different cultures which is something that is not offered to all schools. The other culture club leader, Megan Bowden, emphasized the importance of an inclusive space.

“I think Culture Club is awesome because it gives students the opportunity to come together to build community and learn about different cultures. My favorite part is being surrounded by students who want to make our school and world a better place by supporting all perspectives and embracing differences in a safe, inclusive space,” Bowden said. 

Students have also expressed their love for Culture Club and encourage other people to join. Eighth grader Kenadee Letzkus said, “We are here to make a difference.” 

The leaders of the club encourage students to join to get the full cultural experience. Kahrs said,“People should join because it is important to learn about and experience inclusivity at a young age. In life, we are surrounded by many different people, from many parts of the world. When we meet people, who do come from different backgrounds than us, we need to make sure that we are being kind and respectful with our words and actions. One way to be kind and respectful is to learn about the experiences and pasts of others because it will help us be empathetic. When we know better, we do better.”

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