Peet enrichment students assisting elf on Schultz’s shelf

This month Peet ninth grade earth science teacher Jennifer Schultz will be hosting Elf on the Shelf ideas every Monday for Tiger Time enrichment. She gives students free rein to explore different ideas for her to use on her kids Elf on the Shelf. 

Elf on the Shelf is a thing that some parents do for their kids before Christmas where they have an elf-like doll that parents tell their kids is an elf sent from Santa to watch them before Christmas. The elf is moved to a different spot around the house each night and the kid/kids are told to find it each morning, but cannot touch it or it will “lose its magic.” 

Schultz has two kids, and every year after Holiday Hoopla, she and her husband get their elf out for their kids. This gave her the idea to start a Tiger Time enrichment where students find and come up with different ideas for she and her husband to do for their kids’ Elf on the Shelf. She said that “this might be the last year my kids believe in it, so I thought you guys could come up with cooler ideas than me and my husband. I wanted to make their last year special.”

Students grades seven through nine signed up and filled her room on Monday. Schultz gave students free rein to look online and come up with different ways to hide her elf for the kids or fun things for it to be “doing” each day. 

Ninth grader Spencer Eldrige said he “loves it” and Andrew Tjaden gave the enrichment a thumbs up. Students put all of their ideas on Google slides for her to use and had fun with their friends in the process.

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