What should you get for your favorite car enthusiast this Christmas?

So the holidays are coming and you may have a car enthusiast in the family and here are some suggestions to make their holidays happier. 

Buying car parts will burn a deep hole in your wallet, so instead buy an exact model of his or her car in a Matchbox car or a scale model car kit like those found at Hobby Lobby. 

Next thing to buy is a socket set because all mechanics alway lose their 10MM because they get stolen or misplaced. Scaling up in cost on the tools list would be to buy a new set of power tools such as an impact driver, an air compressor and flashlight because the tools are always needed and wear out and/or the motors in them will break because of excessive force. 

Materials to clean our cars because we are always running out of car wax and polish. Also, it is always good to get more polishing wheels for your angle grinder or even a waxing towel. It is also always great to have a little portable vacuum to clean out your car. Also, how about safety supplies such as a glass breaker or a seatbelt cutter if ever in an accident. Jumper cables are very viable in this season, so buy him or her some so he or she can get that car back up if it is stranded.

Car enthusiasts also frequently love racing games because they are kids at heart and will play them till they finish them as they create their own cars in games like Forza, Need for Speed, Dirt or any other motor sport games for their preferred gaming systems. 

Lastly, clothing with cars on it or even a custom hoodie with their own cars on it are solid suggestions. Amazon and any website on the internet and or even going to stores like Menards or Home Depot  are great places to go for shopping for these.

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