Buddies program creating uplifting Tiger Time connections

Buddies is a Tiger Time activity at Peet to work with kids who have special needs. Many students meet up every Wednesday to play games, do activities and make friends with special needs students. Because students with special needs can get left out of daily activities or sometimes need help making friendly connections, Buddies, run by several students, helps everyone feel included and safe in school and extracurricular activities. 

Buddies is run by Kaylee McSweeney, Alex Goetsch, Owen Brinker, Brianna Smith, Molly Mason, Brynn Bakula, Darby Irwin and Ella Thomas. All the students are in seventh to seventh grades. Many other students come in to take part in games and activities. 

Kids partner up with each other to help one another through games. While I was there, many students were playing a giant version of Sorry. They worked as a team to win the game all while letting everyone take part. 

“Buddies is an easy [way] for kids to be able  to express themselves, some of these kids don’t have many friends so it’s important to support them and be kind to them,” Brinker said.

Buddies is an amazing way to help everyone feel included all while making sure everyone is happy. Buddies stand for Bubbly Understandable Delightful Dependable Inviting Empathetic and Supportive.

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