Peet teachers offer advice on New Year’s resolutions

The new decade, 2020, was already off to a rocky start. Black Lives Matter protests, presidential elections and even a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19. With this new year 2022, many people have made new year’s resolutions.

But nobody really keeps up with their New Year’s resolutions. People tend to go back to their old habits after the first month. So how do people actually keep up with their resolutions? Teachers at Peet Junior High have a lot of advice.

Melanie Wirtz said, “I advise today’s youth to add one positive thing to their New Year’s resolution instead of taking something away.” For example; if you want to get in better shape, instead of not allowing yourself a certain amount of calories, you could start going to the gym.

Ethan Jennings said, “If you are going to set a New Year’s resolution, I would advise today’s youth to make it attainable and meaningful. Planning is very important to keep the resolution progressing, so set aside time each week to work on the resolution. Keeping track of your progress will help you adjust how much time is needed to keep you moving toward your goals.

These teachers are looked up to and beloved by students at Peet Junior high. They’ve seen and heard students grow and evolve as young individuals. It’s important for people to take their advice to both help make and maintain good goals.

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