Gladbrook-Reinbeck transfer notes differences with CF

To tell the truth my old school was actually a good school and had a good variety of classes that you could choose from but just from moving here there are a lot more classes to choose from such as AP (Advanced Placements) classes for people who excel and want to challenge themselves. 

Also compared to my old school, Cedar Falls has more gym classes such as Strength and Conditioning. Over there we only had PE and no other special classes except for a class before school started named 0 hour PE. 

Something very different from my old school is the grading system because they were very lenient because they were a small school in a small town, and here the grading system is very different and hard to get accustomed to. 

But things that are mostly the same are the general eds. Most every school has them because they are the classes needed to pass like the essentials. 

At my old school we also had a wide variety of college classes like we do at this school; however, this school has a lot more art and shop classes, including one of the classes I would enjoy, the automotives class. 

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