Forza Motorsports games continue to bring racing to life

When the first Forza game released on May 3 in 2005, it was named Forza Motorsports, and it was just a game modeled on a racing track, and they have done the same thing with the newest Forza Motorsports 7, but throughout the years, they added more tracks and way better graphics such as real damage dealt to the car when you hit something to where it’s almost life threatening. 

Also Forza Motorsports came out with more of a variety of cars throughout the years, but they also took out cars that were discontinued, and they added different games including the Forza Horizon series, the first of which arrived on Oct. 23, 2012. 

This game series is supposed to be an open world where you have different types of racing like street racing, rally racing and even drag racing. It’s an easy dynamic to get used to because everything is easy to learn and you can choose different modes you want to drive like having it in automatic so it shifts for you or you can set it to manual or even manual with clutch. 

It is one of the most immersive games I’ve ever played. It has great views. IGN Forza has been rated 10 out of 10 for one of the best games. These games are a good introduction to the racing world and help you learn more about it, including how competitive it is and how important it is to earn money to upgrade your stuff on your car.

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