Coffee tops energy drinks in recent Schoology survey

It’s a timeless debate, energy drinks vs. coffee, and a recent poll finally settles it. The poll on Schoology shows that 73 students participated in the debate, with 43 students saying they like coffee the best, 18 students saying they like Monster the best and 12 students liked both of them. 

Zero Ultra was the favorite for Monster with five students, and in second place for Monster is the Original. Third place is a tie between Ultra Paradise, Raspberry Tea Rehab, Papillon Juice, Khaotic Juice and Watermelon Hydro. The top three favorite coffee flavors are caramel with 14 students, French vanilla with 13 students and mocha with 7 students. 

Here are some pros and cons for coffee. Some pros are increased physical performance, enhanced mental focus, help burning fat and losing weight, reduced risk of certain cancer, contains powerful antioxidants and it can help with medical conditions like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Some cons are caffeine dependence or addiction, caffeine crash, bad breath, the jitters/restlessness, anxiousness/prolonged anxiety and difficulty sleeping or insomnia. 

Here are some pros and cons of energy drinks. Some pros are mood/attitude improvement, work performance, zero-calorie option and energy boost. Some cons are they are addictive, health issues, weight gain and sugar high. 

Senior Lexi Downs said, “Coffee is my favorite because I’m personally not a fan of Monster or energy drinks in general, but while the flavors for coffee are a lot more limited than Monster, I can have good flavors that I like that Monster wouldn’t have, like mocha and caramel. Caramel Macchiato is my favorite because I love caramel, and it has a sweet flavor.” Downs said that she likes mocha and vanilla as well.

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