Checking in: Students revisit their New Year’s resolutions

Most people’s new year’s resolutions are given up by February. Have you kept up with your new year’s resolutions? Let’s see if some of the students at CF schools have stuck with theirs.

Ben Backes, a freshman at Peet, said, “One of mine was to push myself past my limit and set a new standard for myself physically. I kept to it and now I’m trying to do it every day. I kept at it because there’s only one true way to become better, and I’m willing to walk that path.”

Joshua Dowd, also a freshman, said, “I tend to not set resolutions, instead set themes for the years such as the year of health. It’s less focused, but I find it more effective.”

Carter Johnson, another freshman, said he too doesn’t usually make resolutions. “You never know what could happen in a full year that could change you and your goals in an instant. What your goals might be at the beginning of the year most likely won’t be your goal at the end of the year.”  However, Carter did have one plan in place to become more approachable. “I want to be a better person to talk to easily and want people to actually recognize and respect me. Other than that, I have no resolutions.”

Lots of people feel very differently about New Year’s resolutions at Peet, and there definitely isn’t a right way to go about New Year’s resolutions, but it’s cool to hear the different perspectives on it. Ask your friends what their resolutions are!

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