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You may have heard about the Cedar Bend Humane Society here in Cedar Falls. This organization is a lot more than just pet adoption. The Cedar Bend Humane Society was founded in 1910 to help protect and rescue local animals. They give shelter, medical attention and wonderful opportunities for them to find a loving family. They accept any animal they need to take on no matter their breed, size, health and behavior and their volunteers and employees put all their effort into allowing these animals to thrive. In addition, they provide services such as micro-chipping, spaying and neutering, inexpensive vaccinations,pet cremation and burial and educational programs. 

Another good organization is the Last Hope Animal Rescue. While they are mainly located in Cedar Rapids, they do just as much good for the community. Last Hope was started in 2003 as a nonprofit organization in Cedar Rapids. A large part of the animals they take on from kill shelters, so by taking them on they guarantee a happy life. Similar to the Humane Society they will take animals of any breed and condition. 

To help as many animals as they can, many people in the Black Hawk area take on fosters.  “I started Volunteering with Last Hope Animal Rescue in 2020 after COVID lock down started. There was a tremendous need for foster families to care for cats since everything was closed down,” Grechen Koinzan said. “Even though it was difficult to say goodbye to the kittens we raised, it was a wonderful experience when they found their forever homes.”

Evidently, our community has several wonderful aides in our community for stray or injured animals. These organizations strive to make Cedar Falls a better place for our furry friends and our people. Consider donating or volunteering if you have the time and resources to further help these animals. Read here to learn more:

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