Mental health comes from healthy habits, relationships

Mental health is a big thing for students, and it can affect them a lot if they don’t take care of it in the early stages.

Sophomore Kenny Hernandez said, “The way I deal with mental health is I play sports, go outside and play with friends.”

If not playing sports with friends, to dispel anxiety, Henandez said, “Another way I deal with it is I go on walks.”

Some teachers  give their students time to work on their homework so they don’t stress about it.” I give my students time in class each time we have an assignment to do work and ask questions,” world issues teacher Nathan Lockard said. “Most of the time students ask questions if they don’t understand the work, but sometimes I have to go around and ask them if they are understanding the work and if they need help because some of them are shy to ask questions, but I support  them to ask questions.” 

I agree with Lockard because I am one of his students and sometimes I am very shy to ask questions or I just don’t feel like it’s the right thing to ask, but I like how when we have assignments he goes around asking if we are doing alright. 

Lockard said, “Some students wouldn’t have good grades and wouldn’t participate in class if they are going through stuff, so sometimes you can tell some of your students are going through stuff, and you have to do something fun to uplift them, and you would know their grades would reflect on that.” 

I agree with Lockard; some students just need someone to talk to or uplift them, and the best person is a teacher or a counselor or a family member, and  they need to do something that they know would help students reach balanced mental health.

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