Students following the ‘TIGER way’

At CF, the school mascot has taken on extra meaning. Each letter of the word means a positive thing. First the T stands for “Thank someone daily,” and the I stands for “ Initiate a face to face conversation.’ G stands for “greet someone when you see them and respond when someone greets you,” and E is “extend at least one genuine compliment every day.” R is “Respect the building by cleaning up a mess when you see it whether it is yours or not.”

Sophomore Tristan Raisty said the Tiger pride letters are something he tries to live up to. “When I wake up from the bed and slept bad, I don’t make that affect me. When I go to school, I put on a smile and enter school. Even if I started the day bad, I try my best to at least do one of them each day, and if I’m having a really good day, I challenge myself to do all of them.
For example, Raisty said, “In the school day when I enter school and someone is holding the door for me, I tell them good morning and thank them for taking the time to open the door for me, and if we are discussing stuff in class and one of the students doesn’t have a partner to talk with, I tell them to come and join our group right away.”

Sophomore Nick Grover also strives to follow the TIGER way. He said, “I enjoy putting smiles on peoples’ faces when I start the school day. I’m always positive and try my best to spread positivity. When I see people having bad days or they look down, I go up to them and try to make a joke that would put a smile on their faces. Another thing I like doing is I like to give people compliments. For example, if they have a nice outfit, I would compliment that, and I do many other things to show the TIGER way, and the most important thing I try my best to do is the R ‘respect the building by cleaning up a mess when you see it whether it is yours or not.’ When I finish eating in the cafeteria, I go around my area and pick up all the trash I see to make less mess for the janitors, and if everybody did that, our building would be clean or less messy, and I also at the end of the day I go to my car and see trash around my car area, I pick it up and throw it away, or while I’m going to my car and see trash, I pick it up.”

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