December brings Spotify Wrapped

It’s finally December which means the yearly “Spotify Wrapped” is released. It contains all the information from your listening history and even creates specialized playlists. 

The first area Spotify Wrapped goes over is the amount of genres the user has explored. It also gives a top five list of the most played genres. 

Next, it shows the total listening time in minutes. It also gives a percentage compared to other users’ listening time.

Staying in the field of time, Wrapped goes into cover the user’s most played song. It also shows how many times the song was played and even gives the date on which it was played the most. 

It moves onto a top five list of the most played songs, Spotify also creates a playlist for you based on your top 100 songs of the year. 

Most people look forward to this part of Wrapped. The next slide shows your top artist, saying how many minutes of the single artist were played, and also gives another percentage out of all of the artists listeners. 

Getting toward the end, Wrapped lists a user’s top five artists, putting them on the ‘cover of a magazine.’

To end it off, the user is given their listening personality. There are 16 different outcomes: The Adventurer, The Early Adopter, The Replayer and many more.

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