Students share favorite Christmas movie

One of the most popular pastimes many endure is to watch Christmas movies, and so, what are some Christmas movies high schoolers like to watch?


  1. Aaliyah Plunket-Kruse


Krampus is the perfect movie that’s a Christmas movie with a horror twist, Krampus is Santa Claus spelled backward and is basically the opposite of good ol’ Santa, and it’s a family saying that if we were bad, Krampus would come and get us if we didn’t believe in Santa, and this movie portrays that of ‘what would happen.’ It is a cheery good Christmas movie like any other, with family coming over and preparing Christmas dinner on Christmas eve. With the reality of the stress of Christmas time and family members, you typically don’t enjoy coming to your house but do it anyway because of the holidays. As the movie moves on with the plot, the scary scenes of Krampus are quite terrifying in jump scares. A Christmas horror story I’d say, and this movie is probably not best for young children. Our family loves scary movies, so after Halloween, there are not a lot of scary movies to watch during December, but if there were, this is a really good one.”


  1. Kirstyn Cotcher

The Polar Express

“The nostalgia of watching the movie and the message of the movie is beautiful. It’s fun to make fun of the know-it-all kid and some of the songs are really fun or pretty. It makes you think more. It’s in the same realm as movies like Inside Out in like more psychological if you get what I mean. It’s a great movie.”


  1. Alex Demastes

Home Alone

“It is funny. I liked it when the wet bandit stepped on a nail and when he was set on fire, burned, smashed with a paint can, stepped on broken Christmas ornaments, bit by a spider, etc. I believe that this movie has contributed to society in a way not many films have.  This has influenced many important events and sparked countless fan-made projects. Furthermore, it is quite humorous and well-composed.”


  1. Elene Kodanashvili

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

“I think it has some pretty funny moments, and I love Jim Carrey as an actor. I also like the stupid-looking Christmas-y vibes. I think a lot of Christmas movies get super cheesy and all of the cheesiness in this movie is constantly being made fun of. It’s also one of the few Christmas movies that I’ve re-watched as an older person and actually thought was funny and worth watching. It’s just a classic and I’ve loved it for a long time.”


  1. Gabe Keagle

Die Hard

Here’s perhaps the most obvious reason Die Hard is definitively a Christmas film: It’s set at Christmastime, and that element is integral—creatively and humorously—throughout its 132-minute runtime. In addition to being the greatest Christmas movie in history, Die Hard is also a fantastic action movie. The setting of an office building that’s under construction is fairly unique and leads to some unique set pieces as well as some gnarly deaths that likely wouldn’t be possible in a different setting. It is better than other Christmas movies because it is action-filled, but still very Christmas-like.”


  1. Ren Barnett


“It’s my favorite Christmas movie because it was the first ever Christmas movie I have watched, and I love Buddy the Elf a lot, especially in the movie when he made his weird breakfast. What makes Elf better than any other Christmas movie is that it’s an actual Christmas movie.  Most of the Christmas movies aren’t really Christmas movies, they just happen around Christmas.  For example, Die Hard. Die Hard is based around Christmas, but that’s not really the main focus of the movie.“

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