Athletes should draw fuel up with high fat meat, avoid grain, dairy, processed sugar

A diet is an important part of an athlete’s life. Many athletes are not on a diet, but the ones that are majorly excel. For athletes, getting the right nutrition can make a huge difference in the ability of one person to perform. 

For me personally, I do a low sugar, low grains diet. I eat a lot of meat with high protein such as chicken and meats with fat like roast beef and steaks. Fat can be very good for one to consume. I avoid a lot of sugar and try to stick under 2 grams per serving of whatever I am eating. 

For snacks, it is hard. No Goldfish or Cheezits, and most definitely no junk food. I stick to gluten free snacks, such as popcorn, which can be great. Also some types of bars, like my favorite, the GOOD TO GO bar, which is carried at Natural Grocers is gluten and sugar free. For breakfast I tend to make a few eggs every day. They provide good protein and good nutrients to fuel me for the day. Normally, I don’t have lunch, as I am still full, but occasionally I will have gluten free homemade pasta, or chicken and rice. For dinner my family has many different things. We range from gluten free tacos, to steaks, burgers, roast, soups, pasta and many different healthy options. 

Many people think that fat leads to clogged arteries and many other health problems, but in reality, it actually improves the quality of one’s health. Eating fat increases the amount of fatty acids that your body can not make by itself. Fat helps the body absorb vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. These vitamins are fat-soluble, which means that they can only be absorbed when you consume fat. 

Dairy is something that athletes should avoid. Dairy is not made for anyone to consume, and it is not necessary. While many people believe that dairy products help build strong bones, they also cause gut problems and they can lead to athletes having stomach issues when they are trying to perform. Nobody’s body is made to consume dairy products. A good substitute for dairy products is almond products, coconut milk products and some other dairy free substitutes. 

Grains are also bad for athletes, as it is shown gluten causes inflammation, and therefore inflames an athlete’s muscles. A good way to get around gluten is to look for gluten free options. Many grocery stores carry gluten free pasta noodles, snacks and even gluten free bread. 

Sugar is something that an athlete can avoid, but if they consume a very small amount, it won’t affect them. Look for products that don’t have added sugar, and avoid corn syrup. There are many different types of sugar, so if you are trying to clean up your diet, look for products that use stevia or monk fruit as sweeteners. These products are a sugar substitute, but still make something taste good. They can be used in coffee or even for baking, and they help reduce the amount of sugar that one person intakes. 

NSNG Diet stands for No Sugars No Grains. This is one of the best proven diets that a normal person and even an athlete can do. 

“NSNG helps one become more fit, but also can still provide the amount of nutrients someone needs. When you eliminate sugar, and all of the junk food, it helps one become more lean and enables the body to function at a higher level. Eliminating gluten reduces inflammation in the muscles and the body, and can help athletes and people function even better. This is especially helpful when someone is coming off of having a surgery. It can help reduce the amount of swelling,” Vinnie Tortorich, inventor of the NSNG diet, said.  

A lot of research has been put into the creation of the NSNG diet. It is scientifically proven that it can help people become more fit and make some more active, but there are also foods that a person can eat to still get the amount of vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy. Bacon and eggs is one of the headline items for an NSNG diet. It is a very good breakfast, lunch or dinner that provides the right nutrients and vitamins. 

“The diet has helped me tremendously. I had heartburn that was so bad the doctors were unsure what to do. I visited my doctor, and they suggested that I cut out all sugar, grains and dairy,” junior Anna Becker said. “I found the NSNG diet and decided to stick with that. I ordered the cookbook, and I went to the grocery store to look for things I could eat. While grocery shopping for products that follow this diet, I found Natural Grocers to be the place.”

Grocery shopping can be extremely difficult and stressful. You have to learn how to read labels and what different ingredients to look for. 

“The diet has increased how well I can perform by a ton. Running has become much easier, and I have gotten a lot faster since I started this diet,” Becker said. 

A diet is a very important part in an athlete’s success, and NSNG is one of the best to follow.

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