Local family hosts huge holiday light display

Christmas lights are something everybody can enjoy over the holiday time, However, the Klug Family takes it one step further than most people. 

Regarding his Christmas light display Randy Klug said, “There are just under 20,000 lights in the whole thing.” 

The lights are also programmed to music, so Randy must program each light for each song. “It can take up to 12 hours for a 3-minute song; however, learning all the programming has taken me five years.” 

His son Landon said, “It’s kind of unsettling at times because it feels like you are always being watched when the display is on.”

Randy said,  “I start getting ready in October by getting ready for going through and testing everything, adding new lights and things like that, and then I start to put the lights up on Nov. 1.” 

Landon said “there was one song that really took a long time to program. It took around 26 hours for that one song alone.” 

The way the lights are synced with music is through a radio station that is on a sign in Randy’s yard.  

Randy started doing these lights in 2016 and has been doing them almost every year since then.

Visitors can see the Klug’s light show at 4193 heritage road

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