LGBT prom set for May 20

The LGBT Coalition with the help of CAAP and Riverview Center will be hosting a free LGBT prom for middle school and high school youth at the Waterloo Center for the Arts on May 20 from 7 to 11 p.m. Director of the Cedar Valley LGBT Coalition Melody Kosobucki said, “I have noticed a need within the Cedar Valley for more support for the LGBT community. There is not a lot available outside of GSAs and the King and Queen Bar. I know other groups have been started like this, so I thought we would be great to come together, especially in this day and age, to create safe spaces and resources for local LGBT people.” 

Kosobucki said now is a also a good time for an event like this because “April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. “We wanted to reach out to an oppressed community, and we chose the LGBT youth community because they may not know where the resources are. This prom is a safe space for people to be themselves but to also teach people and give them resources for sex education, dating advice and emotional help. This is an awareness project but also an opportunity for LGBT youth to build community. Usually proms are built on representation of cisnet people. This prom can be for anyone transgender, cisgender queer or straight.”

Kosobucki said the prom will have many of the same needs and traditions as other proms, but there will also be unique opportunities for fun. “The theme is starry night. People can come early to help them do hair and makeup to help affirm them their gender. There will be light food, beverages, desserts. A quiet corner with crafts. We have a DJ and small drag performances from local drag performances as well as youth exploring drag. What I want to see is as many people as possibly signing up by using the QR code in our poster. I think it will be a blast. I’m really excited. I wish I had this as a kid.”

Kosobucki said there will be a network of individuals contributing to this event. “This isn’t something that’s offered very much. This is fairly new for our community, and what’s amazing is to see the community come together to do this. They are volunteering and donating to show support for LGBT youth, and it warms my heart. We have a DJ from Indianapolis, a hairdresser from Des Moines. They are donating their time for LGBT kids, which is amazing. We need this, especially with the anti-LGBT bills in the state legislature. I think If we can have this event that celebrates the community we could help a lot of LGBT youth have hope for the future.”

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