Peet participates in Read Across America

Read Across America week was celebrated by many schools and organizations this week including Peet Junior High. The library at Peet created contests and challenges to motivate junior high students to exchange some of their screen time for reading time. Celebrations included reading enrichment during tiger time, punch cards for challenges, a bookmark contest and a staff’s favorites guessing game. 

Eighth grader Penelope Hitchman said, “Daily challenges that you get signed by an adult and you could redeem candy in the library.” 

One candy was given for each signature on the punch card. Along with the punch cards were bookmarks to design. 

Hitchman said, “You could take a blank bookmark at the library and then you design it and decorate it then you turn it in. The Peet staff voted on it and the winner gets a $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble.” 

Aside from the challenges there was also a general reading group offered to all students during tiger time. Hitchman said, “You could sign up every day for tiger time and go to the library and just read, and then your name would get entered into a wheel. Mrs. Cahill the librarian would spin it and there would be two winners of a 4 Queens gift card. There was a link where you could sign up and say what days you wanted to go but I wouldn’t say it was an enrichment. Also, one participant for the whole week would receive a Barnes & Noble gift card.” 

The library reading time was less popular among students, but that made it a more quiet environment. Hitchman said, “There was a form that you could grab from the library and guess the Peet staff’s favorite books. There were book covers printed out and put on the library window and you could match it with the teacher. The three students with the most correct would either win a Barnes & Noble gift card, 4 Queens gift card or a full size candy bar. Overall I think it was pretty popular. Not many people came to the tiger time room, but I saw people participating in the other activities.”

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