Survivor of earthquake in Syria, Turkey shares story

On Feb. 6,  in Turkey and Syria at midnight. Sophomore Kenny Hernandez said, “When I first heard the news I felt bad because like I imagined I was there and like what I would do and if my family members died where would I live, but thankfully now things are getting better there and a lot of people donated money and a lot of group went down there and helped them.” 

A lot of groups went down to Turkey and helped out money wise and shelter wise. Kareem Alshekhahmed said, “It’s a really depressing situation that really scared me, and I’m going to remember it forever. It was midnight. I was getting ready to go to bed, and all I hear is animals howling and making noise, and in our book the quran it even says if animals make noise and they don’t stop that means something is going to happen, but I didn’t mind  it, and I went to the bed, and I laid there. Five minutes later everything started to shake and stuff fell in the room. Thankfully I was on the top floor, and the earthquake was not close to us. It was kinda far, but we still got affected. The earthquake lasted for about 40 seconds. The building I live in fell a little bit, but not a lot. I have four friends that died in this. It’s really sad, and after the earthquake we all got evacuated from the building and got told to go out from the city because they are expecting another one, and it actually happened. I’m glad that now people, especially kids, are safe.”

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