Lincoln hosts Wacky Winterfest

Wacky Winterfest has been held by Lincoln Elementary School for over 35 years, with the former name being the Lincoln Fun Fair. This year the festival was held Saturday, Feb. 25, from 11 a.m to 2 p.m.

Ralph Bryant, Lincoln Elementary’s principal, said he enjoys Wacky Winterfest and its festivities a lot.

The week before and leading up to the festival is filled with activities, much like that of the week leading up to homecoming. Not only are there dress up days for students, but there are also raffle tickets with winners announced the day after Wacky Winterfest.

The money raised from the raffle ticket sales along with the game cards and concessions at Lincoln support many things, Bryant said, “These dollars are all used to support Lincoln students and staff. We are currently raising funds to support books to support a new reading curriculum.”

Wacky Winterfest is held annually and helps support and raise money for lots of things. Like before, this year it was for books and a new reading curriculum. It’s also a time for families to spend time together while supporting Lincoln Elementary School.

There are many things for families to do at Wacky Winterfest, wIth the newest addition being the “student bands in the gym. This has been a wonderful opportunity for students to perform,” Bryant said. “We have many fun games including the toilet bowl toss and Frozen Nose. We have also really enjoyed bingo and student bands.”

Lincoln Elementary isn’t the only elementary that holds a festival of sorts, “All elementary schools hold a carnival,” Bryant said. “We choose to have ours a little earlier in the year and call it Winterfest due to the timing of the event.”

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