SAGA organizes letter campaign regarding react changes to gender laws

On March 24, SAGA got together to write letters to legislators regarding the recently passed anti-transgender laws. This event was organized as a way for LGBTQ+ youth to exercise their rights concerning legislation about them. The two laws which were passed on March 22, ban gender-affirming care for minors and prevent trans students from entering bathrooms or changing rooms that align with their gender identities. 

Senior Austin Haworth, one of the leaders of the Sexuality and Gender Awareness group, finds this project to be the most effective method of protest. “The project was organized with the intention of being a quick and effective method of voicing our concerns as constituents to our legislature.  In our eyes, writing letters is one of the most effective means to personally deliver a message of dissatisfaction in a professional and respectful manner.”

The project was organized by Austin Haworth, Dolores Benton and Elliot Martin (SAGA’s leadership) who were joined by 12 other students to script letters.  

Haworth said it is important for people to know that “the LGBTQ+ community in Cedar Falls wants to be treated better by the Iowa legislature. We feel as though our voices are not heard and that our legislation does not take the necessary time to educate themselves on issues that pertain to us.  As members of the greater communities of Cedar Falls and Iowa, we want to be able to live our day-to-day lives without feeling as though our state does not support us.”

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