Two students pick NBA West team to make finals

In the NBA playoffs the last two teams are the teams going to play each other in the final. The two teams go best of seven game series. Many famous celebrities go and watch the finals. Many people make bets on what teams are going to win the finals. Celebrities bet big money on these big games. For whom do students think are going to the finals, sophomore Kenny Hernandz said, “My prediction for this year who’s going to win the finals: Lakers. I have hope that the Lakers are going to take the win in game six. I feel like this year they really went in the playoffs strong and also I want the Lakers to win this year because this might be LeBron’s last year. It would be a good story for him how he broke the scoring record this year, and he also wins the finals. This would be a good story that would be him making big things this year.”

Finals can become more interesting if the two teams going to finals never won finals. Sophomore Nick Grover said, “I think this year the Warriors are going to the finals. I have Warriors in six. Steph Curry is really putting in the work this year. He’s carrying his team.”

 These are people’s predictions  of the 2023 finals that are going to take place on June.

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