Athlete of the Week: Senior Volleyball Player Paige Paup

So far this season senior Paige Paup has been a standout player for the Tigers. She earned athlete of the week from her outstanding performance, which is given out by KCFI. Also so far this season, she has helped lead the Tigers to a record of 21-3.

For you, what was a highlight of your most recent competition? 

The highlight of my most recent competition was beating Wahlert in three sets, which is a sweep because it was a really fun game to play. It was also senior night, so all the seniors got to play, and it was just really fun for everyone to be able to play, have fun and win.

What makes your sport special and different? 

One thing that makes volleyball special is that we have to play as a team because if you don’t there is no way that you will be successful. In other sports you can get away with people playing as individuals sometimes, but in volleyball it has to be a team effort. 

How long have you been into this sport, and what were the early days of your participation? 

I have been playing volleyball for eight years. I started off playing club volleyball in fifth grade, and then once I got to middle school I played club volleyball and school volleyball. 

How did/do you cope with any setbacks/losses you’ve experienced in your sport? 

I cope by kind of leaning on my teammates for support, and they always give me the support I need. I do the same for any of my teammates that are struggling. We just have to be able to pick each other up so that everyone can play to the best of their abilities. 

What has been a highlight for you/your team so far this season? 

A highlight so far this season is that we are conference champs, and so far we are 21-3 for our record. We have only lost to teams ranked above us. Also, we got moved up to 4th in the 5A rankings, which is very exciting. 

Do you have plans to play this sport after high school? 

I do hope to play volleyball after high school. 

What are your goals for the rest of the year individually and team wise? 

My goals are to just continue to grow as a player and a teammate and be the best version of myself that I can be. A goal for the team is to definitely make it to State and get as far as we can and just play to the best of our abilities. 

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