Students apply mindsets to face each day

Throughout life, people come into contact with many different adversities. Some things are difficult for some but come easy for others. Things like school, work, maintaining a physical space, keeping a good sleep schedule—all of these are things that people sometimes struggle to maintain and keep steady. 

One of the biggest contributors to maintaining yourself against life’s adversities is your mindset, your established set of attitudes. Put simply, mindsets are how people face different situations in their lives. Having a good mindset helps solve these problems because changing the way one looks at issues can provide new insight and possible answers. 

Here are some student’s’ mindsets:

Willow Riley – “I say YOLO quite a bit because that’s the only way I can make my way through the education system without crying.”

Alissa Charlton – “Make the best of the day.”

Julia Tilley – “I just get through the week.”

Maya Potter – “Acknowledge beauty, no matter how small or mundane.”

Thelma Culpepper – “I just think of something I’m looking forward to.”

Abby Colton – “That even though I kind of hate school, at least I get to see my friends during Power Hour and before/after school.”

Olivia Bartelt – “I usually pretend like I don’t care about the fact that I often have to do work throughout the day that I should’ve done earlier, or that I actually don’t like my outfit now that I’m out of the house, or that I didn’t get enough sleep or whatever. Denial works pretty well.”

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