New assemblies at Peet recognize dedication, hard work

Peet has added new monthly assemblies as of this year. The purpose of these assemblies is to recognize students, teachers and staff for their dedication and hard work. During these assemblies, they recognize two students per grade along with three staff members. They also celebrate students involved in activities and athletics. 

This is the first year these assemblies have been a thing at Peet. Associate Principal Andrew Meister said, “The assemblies are new this year because we want to be intentional about celebrating all of the greatness that happens on a daily basis at Peet Junior High. We want to acknowledge each other for being outstanding and come together as a whole in order to see just how awesome Peet is.”

Students are chosen to be recognized by their peers and staff in the building. Eighth grader Ela Odobasic was chosen by a peer for the October assembly. The peer said, “Ela is always there for you when you need it and always has a smile on her face. She is nice to everyone and always knows how to make you smile.” 

Odobasic is a kind and quiet student and is always there for others. Odobasic said, “I like to help others, which is why I signed up to be a library assistant here at Peet.”

Eighth grader Jake Kuhn was chosen by history teacher Bethany. Meier for the October assembly. Kuhn is always uplifting and tries to make Peet a better place. Kuhn said, “I never try to make fun of anyone, I always try to make sure I am not putting anyone down, and I try to stay on my best behavior all day every day.”

Lillien Sherwood is a freshman involved in school track and volleyball. She was chosen by a peer for the October assembly as well. The peer said, “[Lillien] is always positive and so fun to be around! She shows kindness to people who need it and is always there for a friend in need.” 

Lillien is always there to support friends, comfort them or just make them laugh. “I encourage others and support my friends to spread kindness,” Sherwood said. “Peet is a great place. There are many people and many different people, and it is easy to fit in.”

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