Beatle tribute concert inspires senior’s appreciation of vinyl

Hannah Posekany has a deep passion for music, especially from vinyl and concerts.

“It was in 10th grade my aunt took me to this Beatles Tribute concert, and I thought it was amazing. Around this time one of my other aunts had a record player. I would go over there and listen to the records that she had. I have a job so realized that I could buy the albums that I wanted. I basically begged my parents for me to get a record player, and they agreed. After that I started to go to stores that had vinyls, and I tried to collect what I could.”

It soon turned into one of Posekany favorite hobbies; she got really into collecting vinyl. Posekany is a huge Beatles fan, so, of course, her first vinyl to purchase with her own money would be a Beatles album.

“I was going to Barnes & Noble. They have a decent vinyl collection. I knew going in that I wanted Beatles albums, so that’s what I got. I got most of their popular albums. Sometimes if I’m looking online, then you can find some used albums and find some really cool stuff. The first one that I purchased was ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles.” 

Poeskany has strong feelings about listening to vinyl compared to streaming it digitally.

“Something that I really like about vinyl is that I can hear the instruments a bit better compared to streaming it, and I like the way it sounds. It sounds more live, almost as if the band was in your room. My collection has a bunch of different types of music. I really like listening to my jazz albums on vinyl because you really hear the instruments playing.” 

In terms of sound quality, with streaming music the consumer gets the final product,  and sometimes vinyl might have some surprises. 

“Sound quality on vinyl compared to streaming, like I said earlier, it sounds live and you can really hear the mix. With some vinyls you tend to make them before the album is officially released, so sometimes it sounds a bit different than the final product. I think that’s a really cool thing that sometimes you do not get on digital. I think another really cool thing about vinyl is that nowadays they come in different colors and special patterns, which makes the hobby really exciting.”

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