Freshmen explore work options at career fair

Ninth graders got to experience different careers on Nov. 10. First, in classes, they learned how to be formal at this event. Then they went to their offsite locations where they chose to learn more about different career paths. 

Caylee Siebrands went to UNI Schindler Education Center for her offsite location. Here her group of people did three different activities including a playroom, a breakout room and a presentation on the spot. Siebrands said, “I personally liked it. The presenting part wasn’t alone. It was with our group, and in the children’s room, we could play around with blocks and other materials. We were also able to work together and solve problems together and figure out solutions to the breakout room together.”

The opportunity to talk to people in the fields of their choice helped ninth graders, Siebrands said. “This experience has made me realize that I would like to be a teacher to younger children like preschool or lower elementary grades.”

Some students learned that they are not interested in certain careers after experience. Penelope Hitchman went to Kryton Engineering Metals where she took a tour of the workshop and learned how different machines worked. Hitchman said, “It wasn’t really what I was looking for. I signed up for STEM because I want to go into science, specifically biology, and I got engineering, so I was a little disappointed.”

Placing so many ninth graders into their first choices was difficult, but some people did not enjoy their offsite experience. Hitchman said, “The tour was really good, just not what I wanted for my offsite experience. I think the placements could be more specific because I know a couple other people who were also unhappy with their placements.”

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