Peet candy cane event raises funds to support local families

From Dec. 4-13, the Peet annual candy cane fundraiser will be set up in the cafeteria during all lunch shifts and before school. Participants can buy one candy cane for $1 and send it to yourself or a friend to support Presents From Peet. 

Peet counselor Megan Bowden is in charge of the fundraiser. She said, “We select a handful of families here at Peet, and we raise money to buy them gifts and clothing and household supplies so if the family is struggling financially right now during the holiday season.” 

This year Peet is sponsoring three families to support this holiday season. 

The Student Council helps run the fundraiser by selling the candy canes. This experience also helps students to learn some life skills. Bowden said, “They learn responsibility because they have to sign up for the time slots. They have to put a reminder on their phone or computer to remember when they signed up to help. They also learn accountability because everyone else is counting on each other to show up and sell them because the fundraiser wouldn’t happen without the student council.”

Last year the fundraiser almost made $1,000 to support families. Bowden said, “I feel like it’s a really great way to support families in Cedar Falls and support students at Peet who might need a little bit of extra help during the holidays. I also think it’s just a fun way to get into the holiday spirit sending candy canes to your friends, and it’s a fun way to build community here at school.”

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