Music fans share Spotify Wrapped results

With 2023 coming to a close, avid music listeners are looking back on their listening interests through things like Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped. Spotfiy Wrapped goes over a listener’s activity within the year, showing them their top artists, songs, top genres, listening time overall and with their top artist, including a percentage the person is out of that band/artists listeners, and gives them a specific personality based on their listening patterns. This article will cover some students’ Wraps and how they feel about the feature. Out of the 22 students who filled out the survey, only three said that they did not use spotify.

Abby Colton:I will not be disclosing my top artist; however, my two-five consist of Radiohead, Weezer, Tyler the Creator and MF DOOM. It’s really funny to me how I have all of those alternative rap or rock artists and my top song was ‘Clair de Lune’ by Debussy. I love it. I get so excited to see it whenever it comes out.”

Bailey Sulivan:Taylor Swift. It’s cute and shows your recently listened to.”

Elliot Olsen:My personality was shapeshifter because my genre that I listened to the most changed. My No. 1 artist was Drake, and the song I listened to the most was ‘Chicago Freestyle’ by Drake. I listened to 75,000 minutes total of music. I also listened to 25,000 minutes on my favorite podcast ‘The Goons Podcast.’ I was a top 2 percent listener. It’s cool.”

Oliver Ryckman:I was a time traveler, I listened to ‘El Scorcho’ 166 times even though I only started liking it in September. Weezer was my top artist with 6,067 minutes listened. I was in the top 0.01 percent of listeners this year. My other top artists were Tyler the Creator, Yot Club, Kanye West and The Smiths. I love it. I really do enjoy being able to see what I listened to this year the most.”

Lauren North:Spent 222.5k minutes listening. Listening personality: time traveler. Top bands: Taylor Swift/Gregory Alan Isakov/Noah Kahan/the 1975/Zach Bryan. Top songs: ‘Dirt’ by Jackson Wooten, ‘The View Between Villages-extended’ by Noah Kahan, ‘the Fall’ by Gregory AI, ‘The Light’ by the Album Leaf, ‘If We Were Vampires’ by Jason Isbel and the 500 Unit. Top genre: contemporary country. I love Spotify Wrapped. I think it is so cool to see all the stats of what I listened to over the year. I usually try to guess my minutes listened and who my top artists/songs are going to be.“

Keilani Larson: “I listened to 94 genres, listened to 2,135 songs, and had 46,264 minutes. My listening personality was time traveler. My top band was Teenage Disaster, and my top songs were ‘Patroclus’ by The Romanovs, ‘Takes 2 to Kill Me’ by Teenage Disaster, ‘Kiss Me Son of God’ by They Might Be Giants, ‘IT’S ALIVE!’ by Teenage Disaster and ‘Cicada Days’ by Will Wood. I think it’s great.”

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