Senior drummer anticipates upcoming third release with local rock band

With the age of rock and metal flickering weaker in terms of popularity, senior KC Runyan, who plays drums for MRB (Marry Runyan Band), is doing his part to keep the torch burning.

Currently the band has two albums out, MRB and MRB II, both taking a classic rock/early metal approach to their sound, yet their albums still sound like they could’ve been released during the golden age of rock. Some songs of note across the two albums are “Rockin,” “Slipping Away,” “Cynical” and “Broken.”

But these two albums aren’t all. Coming this winter, MRB will be releasing its third album, and Runyan offered his thoughts.

Q: What other bands inspired you and the others for your own band?

A: I’m a big Pantera fan, Black Label Society. For Mary, she likes Lizzy Hale, Prince. My dad is a big Randy Rhoads fan. Black Sabbath is one that always inspired me and my dad. Sometimes we go for a Led Zeppelin or AC/DC kinda vibe. Our whole thing is that we don’t try to sound like anyone else. We just do our thing.

Q: How were these albums recorded? Was it just a garage/basement project?

A: We record at a studio. Jake is the guy that produced and mixes our stuff. Everyone records their own parts, then all of that gets put together.

Q: Finally, do you have anything you want to say about the new album? Like a release date?

A: It’s like a combination of the first and second because the first one is heavier than the second one, where the third one is a mix of both, and I don’t think there is a bad song on that record. I didn’t expect to top our last record, but I think we did. It should be out by the end of the year.


One can follow the band’s album release and concert details on Facebook at MaryRunyanBand.

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