Some students recommend podcasts

On streaming sites, millions of people listen to music and audiobooks, and watch movies, but one prevailing medium has arisen, podcasting. Here’s what students responding to a GoogleForm said they are listening to:

Violet Etheredge- “Tales from the Stinky Dragon. It’s a fun D&D podcast..”

Keilani Larson- “Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! It talks about different Greek and Roman myths in a way that’s engaging and funny. Cabin Tales. It’s a horror podcast that has different stories every episode. It has the vibe of being told a story near a campfire except it’s being told by some guy in a cabin.”

Jack Rusley- “Crime Junkie—Podcast about miscellaneous cases. Between the Rows—Farming Podcast. Chills—Made up scary stories.”

Olivia Bartelt- “I listen to The Magnus Archives, a really interesting fictional horror podcast. For the first season, it’s an anthology of horror stories that are studied by this group called the Magnus Institute. Eventually it begins to have an overarching plot that explains the Magnus Institute’s background, the backgrounds of characters and why exactly so many strange, fighting things are happening to people. The scariest episode for me was ‘Lost John’s Cave;’ the idea of getting stuck caving is horrifying.”

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