CFHS to host first winter formal

Arlene Freudenberg/News Editor
On Saturday January 17, from 8-11 at Orchard Hill Church, Cedar Falls will host a winter formal. Tickets are $4 before and $5 at the door. Ticket will be sold one week before the dance before school, after school and during lunch.

“People should definitely come because it’s our first one. So, if you ever want to have one in the future this [dance will] have to be successful. Plus, it’s going to be really fun. The theme is ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland,’ and it’ll be a good break after finals,” senior Lindsey Morris said.

Both students and faculty can agree that a winter formal is long overdue at Cedar Falls High School.

“This is the first Winter Formal at [Cedar Falls High School] that I am aware of; they used to have a tradition of having a Valentine’s Day dance, which would have been in February, but that dance hasn’t happened for a while,” school counselor Ryan Flaherty said.
When the idea was presented at a student senate meeting, the students unanimously agreed the school should have a winter formal.

“We wanted a winter formal because a lot of other schools have them, and we never have, so we thought it would be fun. Plus, we don’t have a dance between the Halloween dance and prom, so we thought sticking a winter formal in would be a good idea. Also, most of our dances are themed, where you don’t really get dressed up for it besides prom, so we thought it would be nice to have a dance where everyone could get semi-dressed up,” Morris said.

The senate members agree that this winter formal is not just another homecoming or an almost prom. The formal is its own dance with its own qualities that make it unique.

“For homecoming, not everybody dresses formal, so it’s a chance to dress formal, but not as formal as prom. We have a couple dances right at the beginning of the year, and then not one until Prom, so it gives students something to look forward to in the winter. Also, sophomores can’t go to prom unless they are asked, so this is a formal they can [all] go to,” senior Haley Patterson said.

“You don’t have to go as dates. You can go in a small or big group, but you can still have a date, too,” senior Else Jehle said.

“We were thinking the girls would wear short dresses—school appropriate, of course. Then the guys would wear nice pants such as dress pants or khakis, a nice dress shirt (button up shirt) and then a tie, but the tie is optional if they really don’t want to wear it. We were thinking along the lines of 9th grade dance attire. [It’ll be] nothing too expensive, but still fun and cute,” Morris said.

However, a formal is a formal, and the outfits should reflect that.

“Well, it’s not as elegant and ‘all out’ as prom. It’s more of a simple, yet formal dance. In the past years homecoming has been kind of ‘wear what you want’ and some people dress-up, some people make outfits, so this is an opportunity to have an all-around formal. It’s also different from prom because you don’t have to go out and get your hair done and do all the extra stuff,” Patterson said.

Profits from the formal will go to help future Student Senate projects, which will in turn help those who need a little extra help in our community and school.
“Some will go to help buy presents for flood victims in North Cedar, some will help buy winter clothes for children who can’t afford them and the rest of the money will fund other future Student Senate projects,” Flaherty said.

As the idea of a winter formal changes into reality, excitement stirs among the faculty as well as the students.

“A Winter Formal gives students a chance to hang out with friends, meet new people and have fun in a healthy environment.  In the past two schools I have worked at, the Winter Formal Dance is one of the best dances of the year.  I am really looking forward to our first Winter Formal. I am glad we have another dance where all high school students can attend,” Flaherty said.

Student Senate wants to encourage those who are still not convinced they want to come to the winter formal.

“I think people should come to winter formal because it’s another chance for everyone to have a good time together, and since we usually don’t get very many dances, we should really use this opportunity to make sure that a lot of people come. You get to dress up and have fun with your friends. Why wouldn’t you want to go? And for the seniors, we don’t have much more time together, so everyone, this is just something we can all be together at,” Jehle said.
Student Senate would also ask students to purchase “candy grams” to help support 2008 Flood Vicitms. Students can purchase the candy grams before, after and during lunch.
They will sell at one dollar and be distributed Friday.

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