Art Club works, raises money for new goals

Sara Gabriele/Staff Writer
In addition to providing a place for students to relax and create art, the art club this year has an extra purpose.

In teaming up with the CFHS special needs class, the club is working to raise money for the class and Special Olympics by selling student artwork.
The “Art a la Carte” will be at sporting events, school plays, concerts and other school events. Work made by students will be sold with the proceeds split three ways: 1/3 will go to the Special Olympics, 1/3 to the special needs classes at the high school and the last 1/3 will be put back into the art department to buy more supplies.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from both students and people that have heard about it so far,” said art teacher and coordinator of the club, Lisa Klenske.
The Art Cart isn’t set to debut until the school play because artwork is still in the process of being made. Students in art classes and those who come to the club are all contributing artwork, as well as those in the special needs class.

Currently, there is no set class art class for the special needs students because of the many different scheduling issues. Special needs class teacher Tammy Frahm and art teacher Lisa Klenske are working to have the students come in every other Friday for some sort of art class where the students make work both for themselves and the cart.

“It give students a broader knowledge of what’s available for them,” Frahm said. “They get a chance to work with different tools and mediums they don’t get to experience otherwise.”

A goal for Klenske and Fraum is to have this kind of class on a regular basis.

“I think everybody needs art. Without art and creativity, life loses a lot of its meaning,” Klenske said.

The club, which meets Tuesdays after school from 3-5:30, is also an open place for anyone to create art. Art made includes pottery, jewelry and painting. To participate no enrollment in an art class is necessary.

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