AP Index results: CFHS 17th in state

Our View

Congratulations to CFHS for being named a top AP school in the state of Iowa. This is at least the sixth time we have achieved this in the past six years.

The Iowa AP Index tells how many AP opportunities there are for students. In May of 2009 more than a million high school students took more than 2.9 million AP exams. The Advance Placement tests provide a standard of comparison that doesn’t judge upon geography, school size or ethnicity. AP tests include 33 subject areas and are scored on a scale of 1 to 5.

The number of students taking AP exams has certainly grown since 2001, with 4,069 students taking at least one AP exam compared with 8,298 in 2009. Also, in 2001, 5,995 tests were taken compared with 12,512 in 2009.

The Iowa AP Index is the ratio of AP tests taken dividing by the number of senior graduates. If, for example, a school received an index of 1.00, that would mean the number of AP tests taken equaled the amount of senior graduates. Cedar Falls ranked 17th in the state, coming in with an index of 0.75. The top two high schools were George Washington High School and John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids with indexes of 2.60 and 2.50. Even though we didn’t achieve the highest index in the state, we still did extremely well, and we are appreciative of the oppotunities available here.

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