Staff writers enjoy intense paint balling

For our second expedition, Jessica and I geared up and went paint balling.

We drove to KW Paintball located on 2710 WCF & N Drive in Waterloo. At first, we were pretty scared. Jessica had never shot a gun before, and I have a low threshold for pain.

After signing the waivers and listening to an intimidating demo, we headed to our arena. We walked to opposite ends, and the referee began the countdown.

5, I was shaking with adrenaline.

4, I began to wonder how bad a paintball hurt.

3, I asked myself why I had signed that waiver.

2, I yelled out to Jessica to go easy on me.

1, This is it. GO. GO. GO.

I wasn’t sure what came over me, but I felt instinct take over. I sprinted for the nearest bunker and ducked. I glanced around the corner for my enemy.

Jessica was no longer a friend, but a target.

BAM. A paintball sailed past my face. I wasn’t worried about getting hurt, I was wrapped up in shooting back.

I ran behind Jessica, and got her from behind. It was over so fast, and I loved every second. Jessica seemed shocked that I had actually shot her.

We went another round, and then another. I won every time, but one. Jessica’s pants were splattered with yellow paint, and I had a huge yellow splash on my helmet.

Getting shot didn’t hurt nearly as bad as we had thought, but Jessica was still reluctant to merge with another group. “They just won’t show me the same mercy you did,” she said.

Eventually, Jessica joined in with another group. She was scared and hid behind me the entire time. I was her white knight.

The second time around with the other group, we played Defend and Attack. This is a game where people are forced to defend the castle, which means they are unable to leave.

Jessica and I were in the castle. They started shooting at us. I pushed Jessica out of the way, which resulted in her being shot in the neck and back. She was out.

Now I had to defend myself with no alliances. I was shot and out as well, but somehow we did end up winning.

After we were both painfully shot at we decided to go off on our own again.

Paint ball is an adventure I will soon do again. It was both exhilarating and exciting.

Next week Jessica and I are going to take a break from physical activities and go to an Art Museum located on 225 Commercial Street in Waterloo.

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