FML reflects more real world humor

When browsing the Internet, immediate sites for many are or People usually choose one or the other.

I choose to go to because it gives me the enjoyment to read about other people’s misery, and it makes me feel like my life isn’t so bad. Although MLIA is a respectable website to go to when you’re happy, FML gives you that satisfaction people crave about drama.

FML was started on Jan. 13, 2008, by Maxime Valette, Guillaume Passaglia and Didier Guedj. FML is decribed as “a recollection of everyday anecdotes likely to happen to anyone.” People from around the world submit their stories and then have the opportunity to vote on the ones they want to see featured on the site. The site was originally in French but was translated into English since it’s received over 1.7 million hits every day. Since it’s become so popular, the creators have added applications to cell phones and iPods.

I think FML is better than similar websites because it has the topics of romance, family, work, stores and living — all the things we have in our lives, whereas MLIA gives us fabricated stories. FML is like watching America’s Funniest Home Videos; we laugh when people get hurt.

An example of a FML is “Today, I took a cough drop to soothe my sore throat, only to choke, gag and spend the next 10 minutes at the point of vomiting because the bitter lozenge got stuck in my windpipe. FML”

The stories are so awful and true that it’s hilarious to read them. FML is better because it’s funny to read about other’s people lives and all the bad things that happen to them, even if it’s not right. I feel like I’m sneaking a peek where I normally should have covered my eyes.

MLIA on the other hand features stories of supposedly average people doing things that really don’t make sense. It’s a website where weird and abnormal people are welcome and accepted; they repeatedly talk about Harry Potter, ninjas vs. pirates, dinosaurs and oh-so-epic sword fights. It’s almost like reading the same story over and over again.

An example of a MLIA is “The other day in my sociology class we were using markers. One girl raised her hand and told the teacher her marker was dead. The teacher then shouted ‘Oh no! We need to do marker CPR!’ The girl had a puzzled look on her face. The teacher then grabbed the marker, put it on the table pressing on it three times and shouted, ‘Live, damn it!’ After repeating this a couple of times, the marker worked. Best. Teacher. Ever. MLIA.”

Now, if you ask me, that is just a fabricated story that isn’t even that funny.

But, of course, people do have their personal preferences. If you enjoy laughing at the raw, true stories of people and their lives, then FML is the site for you, and if you enjoy reading fabricated, wacky stories, then MLIA is the site for you, but, of course, you’ll have to do it outside of school because both of these fun sites are blocked at the high school. Maybe I should post this fact to either of these sites.

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