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A couple of weeks ago I was shot and abused at the paintball arena. That was fun and all, but everyone needs a break to heal, so this week I decided to take a stroll in our local Center for the Arts located on 225 Commercial Street in Waterloo.

It was a nice, quiet building where people are allowed to just think as they view different art collections and possibly catch a quick play or musical.

The building dates back to the 1960s and has grown by adding additions. The latest addition was the Phelp’s Youth Pavilion. The museum offers classes that range from little children and coloring to adults and cooking. It really varies, and you can be sure to find something that interests you. They also offer school tours and room rentals for inspiring artists. You can also become a member with a donation and get certain benefits and other great offers. The building has a gift shop and offers parties. They also have a website you can check out if you want to see what’s being offered or what is coming up soon,

I sat down and talked to Kent Shankle, the building’s curator. His responsibilities are with the exhibits and the permanent collection. He’s been working at the museum for over 15 years. He says the mission is, “To produce programs that reflect and interpret our collection,” which they do nicely. If you are wanting to get your art work into a museum, Kent is also available and may possibly be able to help you. He can propose the artwork to a committee, and their decisions will be based on whether they go with a collection or theme or if it’s a good piece. I’m not making any promises to anyone that their work will get in, but I am encouraging.

The museum will associate themselves with the Gallagher-Bluedorn when the opportunity arises. An upcoming event they are involved with at the Gallagher-Bluedorn is the Haitian drummers. The Center for the Arts has the largest Haitian art collection in the nation, so they’ve agreed to put some art at the show.

The art museum is a great place that has opportunities around every corner. They have artists who come in, they have classes for all ages and they give off a fun, friendly environment. The museum also offers jobs and fun volunteer projects for everyone.

Next time, I will be writing about the haunted houses I visit in the Cedar Valley area.

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